Sulux XL 6200

Price: 149.00 PLN net


Barcodes provide an accurate, easy and fast method of entering and processing data in computerized databases.

Our products use infrared technology. You must simply place the code in the operation range of the sensor, and the reader will start up by itself, point to the barcode, read and send the information to the system.

The device is running in handhold mode - the user holds the device.

Benefits and features

  • Robust design: Withstands falling down from 1.5 m
  • Resistant to shocks and impacts
  • Error margin - less than 1:2 000 000
  • Sources of light: visible light laser diode 650nm
  • Readout: single-line
  • Read speed: 50 times/s.
  • Barcode reader without a stand (manual mode)
  • Lifetime of the trigger button up to 50 million presses
  • Works with RS232 ports
  • It has CE and ISO Certificates
  • Bar codes: Reads all codes from the 1D group
  • Plug&Play Installation
  • Color: gray
  • Warranty 12 months from the date of purchase

Instruction Manual

The following link is a shortened version of the user manual of barcode reader XL 6200. You will find there the basic information about installation, configuration and the technical data of the barcode reader.
Click to read the file. File in PDF format.

Quick start guide for barcode reader XL 6200

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