FAREX TL-615 calculating scales that sums up the values of weighted goods

Previous Price: 767,00 PLN net


  • Max. load 15 kg
  • Summing up the values of weighted goods
  • Attestation till 2014
  • Direct sales keys 40
  • Indirect sales keys 200
  • Scale interval 2/5g
  • Temperature range of 0°C-40°C
  • Weight of the scales 5kg
  • Dimensions of the scales (mm) 438x354x842
  • Pan size (mm) 342 x 261
  • LED Display
  • Cooperation through RS232 with a PC or a cash register, based on  ANGEL protocol.
  • Rechargeable Battery 6V (charged from the mains) - available as an additional option


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