To change the service company a taxpayer/service should:

  • Open and complete an online interactive APPLICATION FOR TRANSFERRING THE SERVICE OBLIGATIONS
  • Upon completing, print the form, marked with the companys stamp and legibly signed.
  • Return the completed application via e-mail/fax/mail/in person to the receiving (transferee) service company.
  • The receiving (transferee) service company shall sign the application in the place called  "STATEMENT" and send it via e-mail/fax/by post/in person to the Central Service of EDATA Polska.

The Central Service of EDATA Poland, upon receiving the request to transfer the service obligations, will send a request to the Transferor Service Company, asking to confirm that the taxpayer has settled all claims against the current Service Company.

If the taxpayer has outstanding payments, we shall suspend the transfer for clarification.

If all of the the avove conditions are met, the the Central Service of  EDATA Polska  shall issue a decision to transfer service obligations (in one copy for each party).

The taxpayer is obliged to notify the relevant Head of the Tax Office about the change within 7 days from the date of making it.


  • A taxpayer who operates cash registers uses only the servicing operations carried out by an entity providing the service for the cash register (according to the entry in the service record book of the cash register).
  • The company acquiring the service can perform servicing of the cash register only after receiving THE DECISION TO TRANSFER  SERVICE.
  • The receiving (transferee) service company records the transfer of service in the SERVICE RECORD BOOK of the cash register.
  • In the event of liquidation of the existing service company or inability to contact it, the taxpayer can choose a new service company from the list available on or send the printed, completed and stamped form directly to the Central Service of EDATA Polska, which will provide the taxpayer with a new service company to perform service operations on the cash register.

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